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Cyber Security – Theory eLearning course

Cyber Attacks are fast becoming the new method of attack not only for terrorists but also opportunist criminals and people committing organised crime. Ask yourself this, could you really afford any of yours of your organisations data to be leaked into cyber space? Do you even know what Cyber space is? How do you know if a webpage is secure or not?

This theory course will give you the knowledge needed to keep you secure when using computer systems, it will help you to understand how a virus or malware get onto you computer, but more importantly how you can protect yourself in the first place.

The course syllabus covers:

  • Define ‘Cyber Security’
  • Understand the difference between malware and a virus
  • Understand what a trojan, worm, spyware and key logger is.
  • Define ‘Cyber Space’
  • Understand ways to keep you safe when using computer systems