Virtual Dementia Experience

Course: Virtual Dementia Experience

Stepping into the uncomfortable shoes of someone with dementia.

The way a person with dementia feels and experiences life is down to more than just having the condition. The support they receive from those around them and the environment in which they live play a huge role in shaping their lives.


A attendee on the Virtual Dementia Experience.

At present there is no cure for dementia. Experts believe that the best treatment dementia sufferers can receive is an increase in awareness and understanding from the people around them which will lead to changes in attitudes and care.

Throughout all the stages of the progression of this terrible disease and its multitude of symptoms, the person’s friends, family and carers need to patiently do all they can to help them maintain their happiness, confidence, self-worth, sense of identity and independence. They need understanding, reassurance and support as their mental and physical abilities diminish and life becomes increasingly difficult.

How can we learn how best to do this?

To truly understand a condition and the difficulties it can bring, experience may be the best teacher. By taking the Virtual Dementia Experience, carers will be able to identify with and better understand the behaviours and needs of those with dementia. It is a powerful sensory experience and will be felt deeper and last longer than any teaching video, book or lecture.

The understanding and appreciation that going through the Virtual Dementia Experience brings to carers, changes the way they approach Dementia care giving. Forever.

Amy Crispin – “After taking this course I will definitely be more understanding towards people with dementia”

Janice Harvey – “I have been on various dementia courses and this beats them all”

What is the Experience?

The Virtual Dementia Experience has been developed to allow family, friends and carers to have an eye-opening virtual insight into the daily life of a dementia sufferer. The experience leaves people in no doubt as to how hard and upsetting living with such a debilitating disease is. This hands-on course delivers content that cannot be delivered in any other way and demonstrates the difficulties that sufferers face.

Carers that have received the training have been shocked by the power and the reality of it. The experience has made them change the way they care for their dementia patients more than any other course they have taken.

Emma Hayes – “A great opportunity to learn about living with dementia from a direct point of view”

Ayden Boot – “Anyone working around or who has a family member with dementia needs to take this course”

Students going through the course will experience feelings of:

  • Confusion, frustration and even anger
  • Anxiety
  • Discomfort
  • Communication impairment
  • Visual difficulties
  • Hearing impairment
  • Difficulties planning and problem solving
  • Loss of strength
  • Reduced grip ability
  • Reduced coordination skills
  • Mood changes

Course Packages

The Virtual Dementia Experience is available in two different packages, allowing you to choose the option best suited to your business. In addition, either package can be tailored to your needs if required. Courses can either be held in our dedicated training suite in Lyme Regis or held at an alternative location of your choosing.

OPTION 1: Virtual Dementia Experience

  • 3 individual 2½ hour sessions throughout the day
  • 12 people in each session maximum

If you have a large number of staff that you want to put through the Virtual Dementia Experience, then this is the option for you. We know staffing a care home is hard enough on a normal day let alone when training is involved. These 2 ½ hour sessions mean that you can keep the home fully staffed and still have everyone get the required training in one day.

After the event, each trainee will receive FREE access to a Skills Centre online Dementia Awareness course.

  • Price for 36 attendees: £600 +VAT
  • Price for individuals: £25 +VAT

Sally Edwards – “I experienced a feeling of being lost and confused and can understand how some of my patients may feel on a daily basis”

Amanda Tait-Miller – “I wanted to cry. I now know what my residents go through every single day”

OPTION 2: Virtual Dementia Experience PLUS

  • 12 people
  • ½ day Virtual Dementia Experience
  • ½ day classroom based Dementia Awareness Course

Course content:

  • Understanding Dementia
  • Types of Dementia
  • Behaviours associated with Dementia and how to deal with them
  • Promoting Independence
  • What to do if you suspect someone has dementia
  • Areas for help and support

If you are looking to bring your staff up to speed with dementia then this is the course for you.

The morning will be spent completing the Virtual Dementia Experience and getting an insight into living with dementia. In the afternoon the Dementia Awareness course is taught by one of our qualified teachers and will deepen the students’ knowledge of dementia and how to deal with patients suffering with dementia.

  • Price for 12 attendees: £600 + VAT
  • Price for individuals: £50 +VAT

Alma Maizan – “I wish this training was mandatory”

Try Our Virtual Dementia Experience Now

Call us on 0800 1488 348 to book a Virtual Dementia Experience course with us today. Give the gift of understanding to carers, friends and family as they adjust to life with someone suffering from debilitating dementia. The means and technology for a carer to gain first-hand understanding of dementia is now available. This invaluable tool will help deepen the appreciation of someone who has dementia, which in turn increases the compassion and level of care they can provide dementia patients.